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So extol Him by extolling His Majesty.
Bani Isra’il, 17:111

Some thoughts

Once in a while we need to reflect upon the vastness of the universe and the immensity of eternity. For if we consider how God encompasses that expanded universe full of stars, suns and planets – and perhaps even, like some people claim, a multitude of such universes – and if we reflect on how God envelops eternity with its endless string of history, the only thing we can do is become silent and realize how no human soul will ever be able to comprehend or know everything. God will always be greater than we can possibly imagine.

To meditate on this majesty of God is essential because it reminds us so well of this one most crucial spiritual imperative: be humble.

What Christians can learn

Much more than Christians, Muslims retain remembrance of God’s majesty in both their theology and their daily language. “Alhamdulilah” (praise be to God), “mashallah” (God has willed it) and “inshallah” (if God wills it) can often be heard throughout the Muslim world. The simple question therefore is: why do Christians not say such things? Is God really only a part of our private life? Do we really think that we determine all outcomes of our actions? And if the latter is so, have we truly forgotten then that our own lives are but atoms in the whirlwind of history?

Questions for Muslims

I sometimes think that certain Muslims – and among them certainly some of those who have a strong public presence in certain media – should sometimes be kindly reminded that Islam isn’t God. I often feel that they spend so much time on singing the praise of the Islamic religion or that they are so occupied with explaining the grandeur of certain rules and regulations of Islam that they forget to worship God.

I have no problem to agree that Islam was a religion offered by God to human kind, through the prophet, but isn’t it so that God will always be greater than any religion? Isn’t it so that none of the religions can ever fully and completely contain or describe the immensity of the divine?



I loved that..thank


I loved that..thank you...means that in this life we cross bridges..and sometimes crossing that bridge means there is no return to the side we once knew.....its a new beginning in the world of faith....and how that gap is bridged....xx

God is Great...and there is

maryam hameed

God is Great...and there is no doubt about it. I agree with your point that worship is actually
impt. n praising isnt enough. According to me such muslims dont get to the depth and soul of such words.s