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The goal of the Halal Monk project is to revive the tradition of encounters and debates between monks, preachers and artists of different faiths. The Halal Monk, a Christian theologian, does so through conversations with influential spiritual leaders, academics and artists of the islamic world as well as through personal reflections on a series of Qur'an verses.

Michael Muhammad Knight - Inside on the outside: Punk, Magic and Wrestling in Islam

A conversation about the fluidity of religious borders, finding one's spiritual place and the mythology of Star Wars.

Musdah Mulia - The tawhid of human rights

A conversation with Indonesian activist and scholar Musdah Mulia about the spiritual backbone of human rights which can be found within Islam.

Yassin Alsalman – The Narcycist

A conversation with Canadian Hip-Hop Multimedia artist Yassin Alsalman on identity, activism and self-expression.

Mona Siddiqui - Jesus, Islam and interfaith humbleness

A conversation on the place of Jesus in Islam, the pitfalls of interreligious dialogue and the need for interfaith humbleness.

Ousmane Ag Moussa - The Blues of the Desert

The fontman of the Malinese band Tamikrest on the struggle of the Tuareg, the trouble with the islamists and the strength of his sisters.

Ziauddin Sardar - Critical Muslims, transmodern tradition

A conversation on tradition, transmodernity and the art of criticism with a British-Pakistani polymath full of relentless intellectual energy.

Amir Sulaiman – The Poetry of Creation

A conversation with an amazing def poetry artist on the importance of words, the poetry of creation and the sneaky Smeagol in all of us.

Dr. D. Latifa - The destruction of normative Islam

A thoroughly thought provoking conversation on mysticism, petro-islam and femininity in religion.

Muazzam Fateh Ali Khan – Sufis, extremists and Madonna

A conversation with a great Qawwali singer who continues the tradition of his uncle Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Tahir Hameed Tanoli – Reflections on Iqbal

The life and spirit of Alama Muhammad Iqbal.



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